Who created CPR?

An Austrian Peter Safar is the man who has been praised for
having created CPR. Parents of Safar were medical professionals; his mother was
a pediatrician and his father was a surgeon. Safer studied medicine in the University
of Vienna where he got his masters degree in 1948. He then joined the University
of Philadelphia where he studied anesthesiology for two years.

His daughter who was only 11 years died from asthma as the
doctors could not help her. This forced Safar to work hard in the medical
industry where he invented Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation(CPR).

By bringing in professionals to train your staff on proper CPR techniques, you could be helping to save a life. You never know when disaster might strike in the workplace. If you are going to be able to rise to the situation and help your staff to the best of your abilities, some training will be in order. Having someone come in to provide CPR certification and on site CPR training can be exactly what you need to see the best possible outcomes. Here are some reasons to consider this type of training for your staff.

Serious Concerns

People spend most of their lives in the workplace. This means that men and women are more likely to experience a health issue when they are at work. If you are going to run a successful work environment, it is important that you think about the various health problems that might arise over the course of the years. According to statistics released by different medical organizations, the main cause of death of people throughout the world is cardiac arrest. Heart troubles can be quite serious but there are ways to provide assistance.

When a member of your staff begins to experience trouble breathing due to a cardiac episode, how fast you and your staff respond can make all the difference. If no one in your building knows the first thing about CPR, it could mean that you need to wait around for the professionals to arrive before anything can be done. When you have spent time with a CPR training course, however, the members of your staff will be able to respond fast and help to the best of their abilities until the experts arrive.

A Safe Atmosphere

Safety in the workplace is all about creating the right atmosphere. If the people who work for you do not feel safe when they are performing their jobs, it can completely change the attitudes of your employees and prevent real work from getting done in exactly the same way that a safe environment can change how effective your tire shop can be. Luckily, you do not need to do much to change the environment. Investing in the right training courses can help you to get more from your staff and encourage an atmosphere where everyone feels safe and happy the entire time.

There are many different ways for you to get the most from safety around the office. If you want to be prepared for anything that might come up over the years, be sure to think about what services are going to be the most useful. A CPR training course can make all the difference between life and death so be sure to look into the specifics of this service right away.